Back to school blues


Do you believe in conspiracy theories  or karma ? well sometimes I have to wonder.

Well you know when i was younger and in school my mother always told me to

“Pay attention”,

“Learn all you can ”

“Don’t waste time” yaddi, daddi, dah

And you would (at least I did) memorise instead of REALLY studying for some exams, well karma has caught up with me.

Can somebody please explain to me why kids get so much HOMEwork these days ?? Is it just to make sure that parents Never get 2 minutes to themselves, or in some twisted way make us know we are NOT as smart as we think we are ??.

Its crazy, but everyday when i get home before i do or think anything else i ask Kyle ‘did you start your homework, how much is it, what topics did you get ? and then i mentally start making note of how WE will complete it ….because guess what the parents have to ‘sign off’ on the assignments when they are done…I have determined that there is two reasons for this:

  1. So that if its incorrect the teachers now know you are an idiot so you can parade around all you want in your most capable looking corporate attire but they would now have outed you because you can’t do 4th grade math !
  2. You just signed and didn’t really check the work so now they know you are irresponsible and not really taking your parenting duties seriously ( I can just picture that principal frown) .

Either way you don’t come out smelling like roses………so your only option is to know as much as your kid knows.

Lucky for me Kyle usually requires little assistance, and when i really can’t figure it out I let daddy sign off on the homework …….men not really fussy if  people think they are idiots (well that’s what i tell myself).

Well this weekend i had planned to vegg out & do absolutely nothing……instead I was brushing up on math, comprehension, running practice questions for a social studies test and catching up on ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’…….Sigh !.

Things certainly have a way of catching up, and i hear it only gets more demanding with the beloved GSAT looming in the shadows.

Hooray for me #whimperingsound