Good samaritan or not !

So the downpour on saturday night was heavenly, and I woke up fresh and energised on Sunday morning to more showers…….lovely. My kind of weather. I went about making breakfast for my three men, while taking an occasional peak in on Kale… the newest of the Chong Clan, he was still sound asleep. awww such an angel when he is sleeping. Went back to the kitchen where the smell of breadfruit, plantains & sausage filled the air. The rain had eased a bit and the sun was peeking out from I was just about to pop a bagel in the toaster when there was a knock at the gate.

“good morning mam” the lady bellowed, “Am begging you a money to help out a situation”  to which i replied “What do you need the money for ?”

She looked up to the heavens & sighed “well i have bills to pay and whole heap of odder tings” 

Now it was my turn to sigh “well do you need anything else because i don’t really have any cash with me now”.  Blame it on people walking with plastic now instead of cash.

She smiled and said ” you want to give me something?”

I nodded

“I’ll take a tin of corn beef” 

me: “Sorry I don’t have any”

lady: ” A tin of condensed milk”

Me: “I don’t really use condensed milk sorry”  (truth is we use the coffee creamer and cows milk).

At this point she looked at me as if she really wanted to help ME and said ” you have any tin beans?”

to which i shamefully again shook my head. Apparently seeing my distress she offered ” is alright I’ll catch you another time” as she walked off she turned around and shook her finger at me sternly ” don’t bother tell on me that i was willing to take food yuh nuh” .  I quickly shook my head and said ‘ No, No I won’t ”  then she left with me contemplating who was really the one that was poor and inadequate



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