Lessons from Mr Fix -It

Now truth be told I am very very happy of the fact that my hubby is very hands on and good with machines. Can’t tell you how much money we have saved because he can service & do most anything on our cars……..that said I am beginning to be not soo happy when the actual servicing/fixing is taking place.

It started off quite subtlety with him pointing out things in the car engine to me and telling me the names & what it does. Naturally i thought he just wanted to impress me with his vast knowledge of automobiles (and i am impressed btw) then all of a sudden he was pointing at metal stuff and quizzing me on it !. I was a bit perplexed but shrugged it off. Then low & behold there i was watching my beloved Criminal Minds one weekend while he was busy in the engine when i was summoned and asked to pass him a part that he needed. I looked down on the verandah at the pile of ‘things’ & thought  “what the heck, i don’t recognize anything here apart from the tyres”. Needless to say hubby was NOT impressed with my lack of enthusiasm towards learning the fine art of mechanics. In my defence i love a beautiful houses and making delish meals but do i hound him to watch HGTV or ask him to hand me the Spatula or thongs when i am in the kitchen………no, i use his language and say ‘hand me the flat thing or the  big spoon please… its all about working our strengths.  I hear him saying its time to service his car, but as soon as the first nut is out I am sending Kyle outside to hang with daddy !