It’s Wednesday

Have you ever had one of those days where when you heard someone calling your name you pretended it wasn’t yours ?. You just sat at your desk and clicked away at your computer while your name was being summoned…hmm well maybe its just me. “leave me alone”, “I don’t wanna talk or discuss or strategise” “I don’t want to hear that I messed up, or John messed up” because for sure nobody was being praised or talked up.

If i am honest i must admit that I toyed with the idea of telling the caller exactly what was on my mind but being the practical girl that I am naturally i quickly saw the consequences of this fetching IDEA. I saw all the money i wouldnt have, all the shoes i couldn’t buy, the amazon shopping that i would have to give up and oh yeah those hate mail that come like clockwork every month with due dates attached that would probably turn into terrorist threats.
Yup and just like that I snapped back to reality and answered in my most professional voice..and being the eternal optimist that I am I reminded myself that this too shall pass. After all it was only two more days to the tiny vacation we worker bees also refer to as……..’The Weekend’ !.

Todays quote:
You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. Joyce Meyer