Three Things Thursday – June 4, 2015

This is a great Idea of finding things to be happy about constantly……love the happyness !. Anyway here are my three things for this week.

1. Went to see my most favorite nail technician ‘Natalie’ . She is just amazing, I always feel so polished, pretty and fabulous when we are done…….awww one of my absolutely favorite things to do. I feel fuzzy just talking about it.

Here are the results:

Nails by Natalie

2.  I Went on an appointment at a software media company to speak with the staff on the importance of insurance and met the most wonderful team members there,…..I felt right at home with them. See you all again very soon !.

3. I so enjoy travelling home with Kyle in the evenings after school. When he isn’t sleeping he tells me the funniest stories about his days…..high school is really interesting, and I am happy to experience it again through his eyes.



Thanks Nerdinthebrain


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