Get Inspired

Sinead of Continuing with M.E. post on Finding Your blogging voice resonated with me. It was good to see that another writer also shared some of the thoughts that I had.

Indeed, I originally didn’t think of who my ideal readers were, and what was my blogging voice. I then wondered if I had thought of that when i just started blogging would my posts  have been structured any differently, would it have been more organized ? ,would I have stood out more?.

However, as Sinead so eloquently put it in her post, although I have no expertise to speak on certain topics, I am passionate about many things and I enjoy sharing about these with other readers. Just as I enjoy getting a glimpse into other persons lives through their posts while learning new things and experiences. Similarly, my ideal reader would be that person who enjoy and find interesting some of the same things I do, while experiencing these issues and joys from my point of view no matter where they are in the world.


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