Three things Thursday September 10th,2015

So my three things Thursday is actually being written on Friday…..let me blame it on being totally busy this week and getting back in the back to school groove.

That aside loads of goodness happened this past week.

1. My youngest started school this week…..yeahhh lots of excitement,giggles and pictures being taken to commemorate the occasion. He is so adorable in his uniform.  


2. My oldest has moved on to grade 8. Time has just flown, I feel like I just brought him in for orientation and already a year has passed. He is growing into a handsome young man now. Not my baby so much anymore (sobs). 


 3. Not one but 2 of my besties got married this weekend!!!. To each other, how cool is that?Needless to say I was over the moon with happiness.  Usually at a wedding you are close to one party and you hope that the other is deserving of your friends goodness. Well I was just beaming with joy as I am close to both and know that they are both loveable and kind. So happy was I, that the very eloquent speech I planned was replaced with some honeyed babble…smh. ( Picture to come of the happy couple).

That’s my three picks for this week. What made you smile this week?please do share 



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