Three Things Thursday – December 10, 2015

Source: Three Things Thursday – December 10, 2015


Three Things Thursday – December 10, 2015

“Three things that make me smile: An exercise in gratitude – feel free to snag this idea and fill your blog with happy. I originally saw this on nerdinthebrain.

My little one is having a birthday this weekend, he will be all of 4 years old!….where did the time go I ask myself. I am looking forward to making a fuss over him.


My vacation is now just ‘days’ away and I can hardly wait, my stomach is queasy from excitement.


Am so enjoying my new career choice I am giddy with joy and anticipation  each day excited at the prospect to do great and succeed.


So what sorts of exciting things happened to you this week? anything funny, or were you filled with joy or gratitude over anything in particular? please do share.