Heart to Heart

Yesterday,my friend buried her husband of 35 years. She laid to rest her friend, confidante, lover and the father to her children…40 years of having him by her side but now she must carry on without him. How ?

I watched helplessly with tears flowing down my cheeks as my friend who always exudes grace and elegance  could not contain her emotions or find the strenght to stand as his casket was lowered in the grave.

I have no soothing words to say, nothing came to mind that could bring comfort. My  heart broke because hers was broken.


I thought about how our heavenly father heart must also break for us when we too suffer because of sin. Still it also reminds  that a day will come when death will no longer steal our loved ones and gladness shall forever be in our hearts. What a day that will be, O what a day that will be.


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