Give thanks

Admit it, there is lots to stress about sometimes… Yeah we seem to have a knack for working ourselves in a frenzy worrying about stuff. … Well I do.

Sometimes I just have to close my eyes take a breathe and remind myself of all the beauty around and how much I have to be thankful for. 

Friends that support through difficult times, family that understands and distract you with their own weirdness 😀, kids that say and do the most amazing and lovable things, and a hubby that cooks in days you are just too miserable or tired to move. Yes, there is much to give thanks and be thankful for.


The journey goes on

So we are halfway through the year…….Already ?!!…. I can hardly believe it.  Time for me to review all the plans and goals that where set for 2016. I have achieved some ……yet others find me terribly off track. Not to mention all the unforseen roadblocks, despair, tears, sweat, doubt, and restless nights thrown in the mix. Did i mention that new career I am working at that’s not quite working with my timeline?, hmmm….don’t ask……..sounds like high drama right?


I have discovered much to my dismay that I am not a patient person, and that much like the children of Israel on their way from Egypt ,….how quickly I too forget Gods goodness and blessings when I feel things are going wrong for too long. Yes, I have those days when I think he is my genie and i should get my wishes (prayers) answered straight away. I am learning though to be thankful for my small miracles, and to keep faithful and not lose my joy….yup lots of learning going on around here, slowly but surely.

I am making a conscious decision to get up and go, stay the course and not be afraid to maybe make some minor adjustments along the way.

work in progress

So how is your year going so far ?  I hope great, if not and its sort of like mine, don’t worry better days are ahead, in the meantime enjoy the journey !.