The journey goes on

So we are halfway through the year…….Already ?!!…. I can hardly believe it.  Time for me to review all the plans and goals that where set for 2016. I have achieved some ……yet others find me terribly off track. Not to mention all the unforseen roadblocks, despair, tears, sweat, doubt, and restless nights thrown in the mix. Did i mention that new career I am working at that’s not quite working with my timeline?, hmmm….don’t ask……..sounds like high drama right?


I have discovered much to my dismay that I am not a patient person, and that much like the children of Israel on their way from Egypt ,….how quickly I too forget Gods goodness and blessings when I feel things are going wrong for too long. Yes, I have those days when I think he is my genie and i should get my wishes (prayers) answered straight away. I am learning though to be thankful for my small miracles, and to keep faithful and not lose my joy….yup lots of learning going on around here, slowly but surely.

I am making a conscious decision to get up and go, stay the course and not be afraid to maybe make some minor adjustments along the way.

work in progress

So how is your year going so far ?  I hope great, if not and its sort of like mine, don’t worry better days are ahead, in the meantime enjoy the journey !.



Ready, Set….Game time

Resolutions, goals, big dreams……….splat ! thats the sound of my bubble bursing. The first month in the new year was coming to a fast close and I wasn’t feeling as close to my goals as I had when it just started. That old bastard fear and doubt started to make his way to the controls in my subconcious.


I had to remind myself that I worked best when i wasn’t trying to impress anyone and when i didn’t care what other people thought, i did my best when i just did what i was suppose to do, what I felt was right and what i felt/knew the Lord was leading me to do.

The truth is we don’t always have smooth sailing our lives, this i know yet I didn’t feel any better.. if our lives were graphs it would move up and down like the stock charts, but just as the Bear market always returns to Bull so will sense, normalcy and smooth sailing enter our world. Just as night follows day so too will the unpleasant season be followed by many days of great JOY !. Yes, I am soo looking forward to my season of spring…sheesh.

I am really not good at the ‘patience is a virtue bit’ and i believe thats one of the things I am to learn from this whole ‘test’ which i am failing at ….quite miserably too I might add. Still I commend myself because ‘knowing’ what your weakness is ….IS the first step. So as I forge valiantly into February determined to persevere, be encouraged, stay motivated, remain faithful AND learn (this is quite important) I do so comfortable and confident in the fact that I am no longer standing on the sidelines watching, wishing, wondering as others played their game but pleased as punch that I got up off the bench and started to play MY game,…and as my grandmother use to tell me “you will never know if you will win, lose or draw if you don’t play”.

So 2016 Ready, Set………..Game On !.



The boy down the lane

Getting my littlest to go to bed at nights continues to be a struggle,

considering this is my second time around I should be getting better at this right? I wish!

So tonight I was playing some bedtime rhymes with the hopes that he would fall asleep, then Baa baa, black sheep started to play; and I had a flashback of my mom singing that same song to me as a child and I remembered always wondering,

Who was the little boy that lived down the lane, and who did he live with ??…..hmmm.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.

One for my master,
One for my dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

ABC123 and lotto



My doctors did warn me that if i took too long to have my second child i would forget what it was like rasing a toddler “impossible’ I thought at the time, but not only have i forgotten i have also become lazy…..oh yes.
When we had Kyle 12 yrs ago we did everything by the book and were excited and overjoyed when we taught him to identify things like ‘dog, shark, Flamingo etc. Now I just lump Wolf, Hyenas and Foxes and tell my now 2 yo ‘Dog, say dog baby’, and Sharks, Dolphin and Whales are all now just‘Fish’. Kyle has taken this offence quite seriously and has taken it upon himself to teach his younger sibling the correct names. In my defence I explained I didn’t want to overload poor Kale brain (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it) my mother did warn me that “ole people nuffi have pickney cause yuh caan keep up wid dem”. So now I’m meeting my waterloo as the saying goes.
Now like most toddlers my 2 yo has a specific program that seems to mesmerize him on tv…the lotto and numbers games draw is his fascination. Whenever the program comes on he stands in cheer awe watching…..I have assumed it must be the balls popping up out of the machine that fascinates him so.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago when Kyle was going through counting with his brother in the usual sing-song way:
Kyle: 1
Kale: 2
Kyle: 3
Kale: 4
and they went on to 10 (the maximum he can count to now, or so we thought). After saying ten we suddenly heard Kale shout 32, 17 !!… the way you would announce winning numbers. Well at least he is learning something

who says tv isn’t educational.

Lesson on faith


So we were having a very lively family devotions when the question was asked “how do you pray, do you pray big prayers or small ordinary prayers ?”. after all three of us commented and gave our examples of what we were each praying for, i exclaimed  “we are all praying for different things” to which my darling son remarked “don’t worry about it mommy, God will do whats best for the family”.

Amazing……… that was my lesson for the night, a powerful reminder that God always does whats best for us, even when it seems he is not answering our prayers.