“Living the Entrepreneurial Dream”

It was one of those moments when you knew, it was time for change, to step out of my comfort zone.  Over the past 14 years I had built myself a career in finance and investments and had a ‘good job’ in management. Why was I feeling restless and wanting more? Yes I was good at my job and I did like what  I do, but there was still so much that was out of my hand, that had nothing to do with how great I was at my job.  I spoke to my friend, who was also a respected insurance agent, to get some perspective.  We spoke at length discussing my options, goals, skill sets. I was encouraged and ready to grow.

My journey at my new company began in mid-2015. I was excited beyond words in spite of concerns of a few relatives and friends.  Pre-contract was extended, still I was resolute to learn and be the best me.  I eventually made contract in November 2015 and got my first pay check or FYC as this was now my new language.  2016 rolled around and I was full of confidence, the 1st quarter went by slowly, could things get worse?…..Yes, I was in a 4 vehicle collision that totaled my car. Then came the 2nd quarter which found me ‘unproductive’ not something good in any industry but it was one of the dirty words in the insurance business. My confidence began to wane so did my faith in myself. My exuberance was replaced with sleepless nights, secret crying sessions, and bills piling up.  I questioned myself, I felt God was not seeing me, being asked to leave was definitely not in the cards.  I needed to act, I settled my 1st million in July and followed up in August and September and ended the year in like fashion.  MDRT and Century club qualifier ….yes that was me.

You will need supporters to motivate and remind you when you forget and the passion to fuel you on. This is my path, the race is not for the swift but for those who persevere to the end.



Keep moving forward

It’s not easy moving from a familiar comfortable place, setting,relationship or circumstance to something NEW. Never mind you may be unhappy, unfulfilled or unrecognized in that current situation, but hey you are use to it, its familiar this is what you know. Your mind swirls around with ‘what if ?’ situations….what if things get worse?, what if  you can’t hack it ?,or #bitingnails what if you are not good enough?….eeeks!. and believe me we can come up with many more head spinning scenarios.


Well over a year ago after months of praying and talking I kicked those what ifs to the curb and resigned my job in financial management (a job i started at the bottom to get to where I was) in early 2015 to do something ……NEW …..squeal!!. I was finally taking action.

I started off blissfully excited, full of hope at all the possibilities that lay ahead……after the first few months, I had many nights of self doubt, nights spent crying and wondering if i had made a mistake, ‘how could I have though ?’ I questioned myself, I felt the passion in my core, why wasn’t I doing great. I still wasn’t ready to give up and with my gladiators cheering me on with prayer and perseverance I pressed on. As I write this post close to the end of 2016 and one full year at my new career, I am happy to report my bad spell was followed by some amazing results which had me smiling Sooo wide my face hurt…my journey isn’t over alas, it has just begun and i know it won’t be all smooth, but i am learning to trust God and focus on my destination not the times spent passing through the valley.






Give thanks

Admit it, there is lots to stress about sometimes… Yeah we seem to have a knack for working ourselves in a frenzy worrying about stuff. … Well I do.

Sometimes I just have to close my eyes take a breathe and remind myself of all the beauty around and how much I have to be thankful for. 

Friends that support through difficult times, family that understands and distract you with their own weirdness 😀, kids that say and do the most amazing and lovable things, and a hubby that cooks in days you are just too miserable or tired to move. Yes, there is much to give thanks and be thankful for.

Heart to Heart

Yesterday,my friend buried her husband of 35 years. She laid to rest her friend, confidante, lover and the father to her children…40 years of having him by her side but now she must carry on without him. How ?

I watched helplessly with tears flowing down my cheeks as my friend who always exudes grace and elegance  could not contain her emotions or find the strenght to stand as his casket was lowered in the grave.

I have no soothing words to say, nothing came to mind that could bring comfort. My  heart broke because hers was broken.


I thought about how our heavenly father heart must also break for us when we too suffer because of sin. Still it also reminds  that a day will come when death will no longer steal our loved ones and gladness shall forever be in our hearts. What a day that will be, O what a day that will be.