“Living the Entrepreneurial Dream”

It was one of those moments when you knew, it was time for change, to step out of my comfort zone.  Over the past 14 years I had built myself a career in finance and investments and had a ‘good job’ in management. Why was I feeling restless and wanting more? Yes I was good at my job and I did like what  I do, but there was still so much that was out of my hand, that had nothing to do with how great I was at my job.  I spoke to my friend, who was also a respected insurance agent, to get some perspective.  We spoke at length discussing my options, goals, skill sets. I was encouraged and ready to grow.

My journey at my new company began in mid-2015. I was excited beyond words in spite of concerns of a few relatives and friends.  Pre-contract was extended, still I was resolute to learn and be the best me.  I eventually made contract in November 2015 and got my first pay check or FYC as this was now my new language.  2016 rolled around and I was full of confidence, the 1st quarter went by slowly, could things get worse?…..Yes, I was in a 4 vehicle collision that totaled my car. Then came the 2nd quarter which found me ‘unproductive’ not something good in any industry but it was one of the dirty words in the insurance business. My confidence began to wane so did my faith in myself. My exuberance was replaced with sleepless nights, secret crying sessions, and bills piling up.  I questioned myself, I felt God was not seeing me, being asked to leave was definitely not in the cards.  I needed to act, I settled my 1st million in July and followed up in August and September and ended the year in like fashion.  MDRT and Century club qualifier ….yes that was me.

You will need supporters to motivate and remind you when you forget and the passion to fuel you on. This is my path, the race is not for the swift but for those who persevere to the end.



My week of happy – My three things Tuesday ?

“Three things that make me smile: An exercise in gratitude – feel free to snag this idea and fill your blog with happy. I originally saw this on nerdinthebrain.

So i missed Thursday, but i still wanted to share.

I Spent an amazing week in internship, learnt alot by observing and hearing. On the final day of class I spent a few minutes hanging out by this calming fish pond at the hotel hosting the seminar. So peaceful.


Look what we found in our back yard while raking up ?, …actually the boys found it. Well it is the season of LOVE. #batseyes and swoons

ABC123 and lotto



My doctors did warn me that if i took too long to have my second child i would forget what it was like rasing a toddler “impossible’ I thought at the time, but not only have i forgotten i have also become lazy…..oh yes.
When we had Kyle 12 yrs ago we did everything by the book and were excited and overjoyed when we taught him to identify things like ‘dog, shark, Flamingo etc. Now I just lump Wolf, Hyenas and Foxes and tell my now 2 yo ‘Dog, say dog baby’, and Sharks, Dolphin and Whales are all now just‘Fish’. Kyle has taken this offence quite seriously and has taken it upon himself to teach his younger sibling the correct names. In my defence I explained I didn’t want to overload poor Kale brain (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it) my mother did warn me that “ole people nuffi have pickney cause yuh caan keep up wid dem”. So now I’m meeting my waterloo as the saying goes.
Now like most toddlers my 2 yo has a specific program that seems to mesmerize him on tv…the lotto and numbers games draw is his fascination. Whenever the program comes on he stands in cheer awe watching…..I have assumed it must be the balls popping up out of the machine that fascinates him so.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago when Kyle was going through counting with his brother in the usual sing-song way:
Kyle: 1
Kale: 2
Kyle: 3
Kale: 4
and they went on to 10 (the maximum he can count to now, or so we thought). After saying ten we suddenly heard Kale shout 32, 17 !!…..in the way you would announce winning numbers. Well at least he is learning something

who says tv isn’t educational.