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Three things Thursday – November 5, 2015


“Three things that make me smile: An exercise in gratitude – feel free to snag this idea and fill your blog with happy. I originally saw this on nerdinthebrain.

my munchins enjoying their patties

My two munchkins enjoying their patties while they were on the road with me running errands.

IMG_2265 (2)

Saw these boots on Pinterest and I am absolutely drooling over them……#swoon

IMG_2260 (1) (2)

I am trying to take pretty pictures of scenes, got this on at the beach……hmm not the standard I was going for but I will practice.

So what was your week like,.. what made you smile ?.

Three Things Thursday – June 11, 2015


This is a great Idea of finding things to be happy about constantly……love the happyness !. Anyway here are my three things for this week.

1. My youngest has now added the word ‘wonder’ to his vocabulary so now he is saying things like “I wonder where my slippers are” or “I wonder where daddy is ?” . Its so amazing watching them develop…….they grow so fast.

2. Spending a beautiful day outdoors with the boys. Snapped a pic of hubby kicking the ball around with them.

Hope Gardens

3.My youngest chasing a dog at the Gardens trying to take a picture of him. It was so funny .

What were your three things that made you smile this week ?


Three Things Thursday – June 4, 2015


This is a great Idea of finding things to be happy about constantly……love the happyness !. Anyway here are my three things for this week.

1. Went to see my most favorite nail technician ‘Natalie’ . She is just amazing, I always feel so polished, pretty and fabulous when we are done…….awww one of my absolutely favorite things to do. I feel fuzzy just talking about it.

Here are the results:

Nails by Natalie

2.  I Went on an appointment at a software media company to speak with the staff on the importance of insurance and met the most wonderful team members there,…..I felt right at home with them. See you all again very soon !.

3. I so enjoy travelling home with Kyle in the evenings after school. When he isn’t sleeping he tells me the funniest stories about his days…..high school is really interesting, and I am happy to experience it again through his eyes.



Thanks Nerdinthebrain http://nerdinthebrain.com/author/nerdinthebrain/

ABC123 and lotto



My doctors did warn me that if i took too long to have my second child i would forget what it was like rasing a toddler “impossible’ I thought at the time, but not only have i forgotten i have also become lazy…..oh yes.
When we had Kyle 12 yrs ago we did everything by the book and were excited and overjoyed when we taught him to identify things like ‘dog, shark, Flamingo etc. Now I just lump Wolf, Hyenas and Foxes and tell my now 2 yo ‘Dog, say dog baby’, and Sharks, Dolphin and Whales are all now just‘Fish’. Kyle has taken this offence quite seriously and has taken it upon himself to teach his younger sibling the correct names. In my defence I explained I didn’t want to overload poor Kale brain (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it) my mother did warn me that “ole people nuffi have pickney cause yuh caan keep up wid dem”. So now I’m meeting my waterloo as the saying goes.
Now like most toddlers my 2 yo has a specific program that seems to mesmerize him on tv…the lotto and numbers games draw is his fascination. Whenever the program comes on he stands in cheer awe watching…..I have assumed it must be the balls popping up out of the machine that fascinates him so.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago when Kyle was going through counting with his brother in the usual sing-song way:
Kyle: 1
Kale: 2
Kyle: 3
Kale: 4
and they went on to 10 (the maximum he can count to now, or so we thought). After saying ten we suddenly heard Kale shout 32, 17 !!…..in the way you would announce winning numbers. Well at least he is learning something

who says tv isn’t educational.

Celebrating Girlfriends !!


Celebrating Girlfriends !!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking how blessed I was to have such amazing girlfriends. So I decided to look up what the word means. I picked out the following meanings:
Friend – A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, An ally
Girl – A young woman of a specified kind
And that’s exactly what my girls are to me , specific woman whom I share a bond with and who when the time calls for it are my allies’.
What would I do without them …..hmmm, maybe shop less…….. they are irreplaceable and totally lovable………and yes some can be ermmm irritating (yes I said it) naturally I have none of those but I have HEARD of them.
There are the supporters; always pushing you to follow your dreams (even when the last one didn’t quite pan out) , the motivators; who always know how to keep you uplifted on those crappy days that always crop up at work………hmmm #tapstemple&frowns # I wonder why ? the ones who listen and encourage …..even when you have bitched about this same topic/situation over & over again and of course the teachers who always know some useful tidbit you didn’t , like how to read reviews on amazon, and last but by no means least your partner in crime, the enabler who helps you justify buying that new pair of shoes that you absolutely Need (not)…….and for all you cynics shoes are therapeutic so don’t judge !.
We all share some common worldviews , yet are all unique in our own special ways which is what endears me to each of them. I take bits of each of them with me where ever I go. To all you special ladies ……..CHEERS !!! xox.

Lesson on faith


So we were having a very lively family devotions when the question was asked “how do you pray, do you pray big prayers or small ordinary prayers ?”. after all three of us commented and gave our examples of what we were each praying for, i exclaimed  “we are all praying for different things” to which my darling son remarked “don’t worry about it mommy, God will do whats best for the family”.

Amazing……… that was my lesson for the night, a powerful reminder that God always does whats best for us, even when it seems he is not answering our prayers.